On Kuyper: A Collection of Readings on the Life, Work & Legacy of Abraham Kuyper

On Kuyper: A Collection of Readings on the Life, Work & Legacy of Abraham Kuyper


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Abraham Kuyper, theologian, church reformer, politician, journalist, statesman, prime minister, founder of a church denomination, a university, and a political party, was born in Maassluis in the nineteenth century, he died in The Hague in the twentieth century, but his impact and legacy stretch well into the twenty-first century.

In this volume we have scholars using the Kuyperian framework to critique and develop Christian perspectives on the church, miracles, education, politics, scholarship, fashion, art, science... as Kuyper famously declared: "no single piece of our mental world is to be hermetically sealed off from the rest, and there is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry: 'Mine!'" No area of life is exempt from the claims of the risen Christ. This was certainly true for Kuyper, he not only preached it, he lived it.

Kuyper has been described as a renaissance man, and this renaissance man is certainly undergoing a renaissance. This reader, a collection of articles written on the life, work, and legacy of Kuyper, provides evidence that work on Kuyper and Kuyperianism is alive and well. This book provides and introduction to Kuyper's life and thought through the eyes of others. The breadth and scope of these articles all stand as testimony to Kuyper's desire to see the lordship of Christ extended to every area of life.



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Dordt College Press


Sioux Center, Iowa


Abraham Kuyper, Kuyperianism, church and state




Table of Contents:
Part I. Abraham Kuyper: heir of an anti-revolutionary tradition / Harry Van Dyke --
Abraham Kuyper: his early life and conversion / Catherine M.E. Kuyper --
Raging tumults of soul: the private life of Abraham Kuyper / James D. Bratt --
How Abraham Kuyper became a Kuyperian / Roger D. Henderson --
How Abraham Kuyper became a Christian Democrat / Harry Van Dyke --
The political spirituality of Abraham Kuyper / McKendree R. Langley --
Every inch for Christ: Abraham Kuyper on the reform of the church / James E. McGoldrick --
Abraham Kuyper, answering criticisms of his worldview / Cornelius P. Venema --
Claiming every inch: the worldview of Abraham Kuyper / James E. McGoldrick --
Called back to stewardship: recovering and developing Kuyper's cosmic pneumatology / Vincent Bacote --
Abraham Kuyper on creation and miracle / Chris Gousmett --
Abraham Kuyper and the church: from Calvin to the neo-Calvinists / Michael R. Wagenman --
The two-kingdom doctrine: a comparitive study of Martin Luther and Abraham Kuyper / Timothy P. Palmer. Part II. Kuyper's philosophy of science / H. Dooyeweerd --
Abraham Kuyper: cultural critic / Edward E. Ericson --
The viability of Kuyper's idea of Christian scholarship / Daniel F.M. Strauss --
Abraham Kuyper's rhetorical public theology with implications for faith and learning / Vincent Bacote --
Abraham Kuyper on science, theology, and university / Jacob Klapwijk --
Common grace and Christian action in Abraham Kuyper / S.U. Zuidema --
Antithesis and common grace / Jacob Klapwijk --
Common grace or the antithesis? Towards a consistent understanding of Kuyper's "sphere sovereignty" / Timothy I. McConnel --
Spere sovereignty for Kuyper and for us / D.H. Th. Vollenhoven --
Abraham Kuyper's philosophy of science / Del Ratzsch --
Critical reflections of Abraham Kuyper's Evolutie address / Clarence Menninga --
A theology of the arts: Kuyper's ideas on art and religion / Peter S. Heslam --
Re-fashioning faith: the promise of a Kuyperian theology of fashion / Robert S. Covolo --
Rehabilitating the State in America: Kuyper's overlooked contribution / Timothy Sherratt --
E pluribus unum and faith-based welfare reform: a Kuyperian moment for the church in God's world / James Skillen --
Abraham Kuyper, South Africa, and apartheid / George Harinck --
Abraham Kuyper and the cult of true womanhood: an analysis of De Eerepositie der Vrouw / Mary Stuart Van Leeuwen --
Kuyper's legacy and multiculturalism: gender in his conception of democracy and sphere sovereignty / Hille J. van de Streek --
A bibliography of works on/about Abraham Kuyper / Steve Bishop.

On Kuyper: A Collection of Readings on the Life, Work & Legacy of Abraham Kuyper