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Classical, Christian education developed in the late twentieth century as the result of the influence of authors and educators such as Dorothy Sayers, Douglas Wilson, and Mortimer Adler. Building upon the educational approach taken in the Middle Ages and earlier, the classical, Christian approach has slowly grown in popularity over the past thirty years. As classical, Christian education has matured, however, some areas of its educational philosophy have developed more slowly than others. In particular, mathematics education within the classical, Christian model has received minimal treatment. This thesis attempts to initiate a more intentional educational philosophy for mathematics in a classical, Christian context. To accomplish this goal, it starts with a review of the history of classical education in the Middle Ages and continues by examining some of the approaches within contemporary classical, Christian education. Then, the thesis surveys the educational philosophy of mathematics from a non-classical, Christian context in order to gain ideas that can be used to begin building a philosophy of education for mathematics in a classical, Christian context. The thesis concludes by proposing some features to be adopted by mathematics education in a classical, Christian educational setting.


Action Research Report Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Education