Mycah Hulst

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)


Graduate Education

First Advisor

Patricia C. Kornelis


This research study sought to determine the impact amateur sport has on the development of adolescents. The development areas that were found critical for exploration include: physical, social, cognitive, and emotional. Thirty-five adolescent athletes who are currently participating in amateur sport were surveyed about their personal experiences in this competitive arena. The results confirmed that amateur sport is impacting the explored areas of adolescent development; however, the study was inconclusive on whether or not this impact was positive. The results presented numerous variables that promoted adolescent participation in amateur sport, and also exposed a variety of concerns that should be taken into consideration by all active members. The researcher found that the main concern for adolescent participation in amateur sport is centered around the time commitment that this extra-curricular commitment demands in comparison to other daily, and essential, activities. On a positive note, the researcher found that many athletes are participating out of pure admiration for the sport and a desire to improve upon aligned skillsets, which contradicts the general assumption of satisfying a potential, unrealistic desire to play college sports.


Action Research Report Submitted in Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Education