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A compilation of songs to be sung in a round. Contents: Alleluia; Alleluia; Are You Sleeping?; Awake You Lazy Sleepers; Beans; The Bell Doth Toll; Be You Strong; A Boat; Christmas Greeting; The Clock; Come, Come Away; Come, Count the Time; Come, Let Us Work; Day is Done; De Bezem; Dona Nobis Pacem; The Donkey; Early to Bed; Farewell, Dear; Follow Me; For Health and Strength; Frogs; Frog Music; Gloria in Excelsis; Good Night; Good Night to You All; Go to Joan Glover; Hark, the Bell is Ringing; Haste Thee, Nymph; The Hunters; I Like to Sing; In the Forest Green; The Kookaburra Bird; Kyrie; Laughter; The Little Bells of Westminster; Little Tom Tinker; Lovely Evening; Maelzel's Metronome; Melody and Harmony; Merrily, Merrily; Mules; My Goose; Now We Are Met; Oh Music, Sweet Music; The Orchestra; Our School Band; Praise the Lord; Row Your Boat; The Scale; Smiles; Scotland's Burning; The Spider and the Fly; Summer is A-Coming In; Tallis Canon; Three Blind Mice; We Thank; White Coral Bells; Willie, Willie, Will; 18 pages.


  • Compiled by Dale Grotenhuis

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