Integrally Christian Engineering Scholarship: A Case Study

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Christian education, learning and scholarship, case studies


Engineering programs at Christian colleges typically focus primarily on undergraduate education. Likewise, faculty members drawn to Christian engineering education tend to have a strong desire to disciple young men and women in what it means to be faithful Christ followers in engineering. Consequently, engineering faculty tend to work long and hard to provide a solid education experience, leaving little time for anything else. However, institutional demands on faculty typically extend far past teaching, and one area that inevitably pops up in growing Christian engineering programs is research and scholarship. What is the place of research in a Christian engineering program? Does it have a place at all? And what should Christian engineering research look like? These are big questions, and a simple paper like this one cannot provide an exhaustive answer. However, as a baby step, this paper will examine a Christian lens through which engineering scholarship can be viewed and critiqued.


Paper presented at the Christian Engineering Conference, Cedarville, Ohio, on June 29, 2017.