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Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science


multivariate analysis, algebra, higher education, statistics


Although the teaching of the first course in statistics has improved dramatically in recent years, there has been less focus on a similarly conceptual-based second course aimed at non-majors. We present a curriculum for the second course, designed to expand statistical literacy across disciplines, which focuses on conceptual understanding of multivariable relationships through data visualization, study design, the role of confounding variables, reduction of unexplained variation, and simulation-based inference, rather than the mathematically-based discourse often used in the second course. Our curriculum uses a student-centered pedagogical approach, utilizing guided discovery activities based on real-world case studies, facilitated by student-focused technology tools. Highlights of the curriculum and student assessment will be shared.


Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS10, July, 2018), Kyoto, Japan.

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International Statistical Institute