The Dordt University environmental studies program aims to cultivate stewardship of God’s world as a lifestyle and a profession by enabling the campus community to develop a deeper understanding of creation, and by encouraging each person to join with our heavenly Father in the task of maintaining and restoring the earth’s beauty and diversity.


Faculty Work from 2021


Biblical Kinship, Refugees, and Immigration: A Review of Refuge Reimagined, Robert DeHaan

Faculty Work from 2019


Drinking Water, Nitrates, and the Great Commandment, Robert DeHaan

Faculty Work from 2017


Residual Soil Nitrate Content and Profitability of Five Cropping Systems in Northwest Iowa, Robert DeHaan, Matt Schuiteman, and Ronald Vos

Submissions from 2016


A Singing God, David Schelhaas

Faculty Work from 2014


Nitrogen Fertilizer, Cropping Systems, and Iowa Groundwater, Robert DeHaan, Ronald Vos, Matt Schuiteman, Matt Van Schouwen, and Harlan Kruid

Faculty Work from 2011


Innovative Education in Agroecology: Experiential Learning for a Sustainable Agriculture, C.A. Francis, N. Jordan, P. Porter, T.A. Breland, G. Lieblein, L. Salomonsson, N. Sriskandarajah, M. Wiedenhoeft, Robert DeHaan, I. Braden, and V. Langer