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  • Front Page: Defender Days Boasts a Full Lineup; The Lasting Legacy of Steve Holtrop; Conflict in the Middle East Evokes a Christian Response
  • News: Fire Department Called for Food Mishaps; Students Sign Up for Campus Connect; A Guide to the Third GOP Debate; Hallelujah Party Offers Trick-or-Treat Alternative; The Case of the Campus Cats; Defender Way Construction Finished
  • Feature: Shane Kramer - From Military to University; Professor Unny Nzioka: The New Face in the Business Department; Curry Craze Offers Multicultural Experience; A School House on Wheels; What Does it Mean to be a Housekeeper at Dordt?; Senior Seminar Class Curates Art for Campus; Defender Clay Dusters Offers Trap Shooting Opportunity
  • Opinion: Which Country Makes the Best Curry?; Keeping Athletic Scholarships; Fall Fashion Fiasco
  • Art & Entertainment: Misty Bedwell Creates Art with Meaning; BJ Haan to Host Ensemble Concerts; Dordt Theater Introduces Program to Engage Children; Fall Movie Watch List; Poe Defiled: Fall of the House of Usher
  • Sports: Dordt Football Suffers Loss to Northwestern; Cross Country Success Runs Wild; Bostwick Breaks School Record in Golf; Men's Basketball Springs into Action
  • The Back Page: Men's Golf Wraps Up Fall Season; Staff Recipes

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Dordt University


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt University, Dordt Diamond, newspaper, student publication


Joya Breems and Georgia Lodewyk

The Diamond, October 27, 2023