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  • Front Page: Travis Else Plants New Church in Sioux Center: Good Shepherd; Diversity in a New Era; Dordt Football's Historic Run Sees Its End
  • News: Dordt Students Still Confident in Vaccine, Despite Pause; Horses and Rabbits and Cows, Oh My: Ag Day Comes to Dordt; Graduation Draws Near for Seniors; Dordt Pitcher Breaks New Record for Single-Season Strikeout; Defenders Advance to NAIA Volleyball Championships; KDCR Signing Off After 53 Years; Dordt Finishes Two In-Person Semesters During Pandemic; Professors Present on Shakespeare and Beowulf at Conference
  • Art & Entertainment: The 93rd Academy Awards Makes History; Shifting Gears with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier; A Review of The Haunted; Way: A Journey Through Art
  • Opinion: The Freshman School Year Perspective; A Final Word; A Goodbye from Our Graduating Reporters; Avocados Kept Me Alive This Year
  • Feature: FLAME Flickers During Pandemic and Membership Drop; Dordt Junior Sets Example for Students with Late Major Change and Early Graduation; The Event: DSA Hosts the Three-in-One Talent Showdown; The Rock of Defender Football; Dordt Students and Senioritis; Nursing Student Combats COVID-19 with Purpose

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Dordt University


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt University, Dordt Diamond, newspaper, student publication


Emma Stoltzfus and Sam Landstra

The Diamond, April 30, 2021