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  • Front Page: Dordt Student and Professor Awarded Hatfield Prize; The Sioux Center Caucus: Cupcakes and Coin Flips; Remembering Kobe Bryant
  • News: Discrimination at Dordt: Lawsuit Filed Over Apparent Misconduct; Student Government Leadership Training; Dordt Offers New Walk-In Counseling
  • Sports: Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl LIV; Blades Season Finishes Amidst Rescheduled and Canceled Games; Women's Basketball Looks to Finish the Season Strong
  • Arts & Entertainment: Review: Parasite is a Bold Film in the January Wasteland; Orchestra Tours the Midwest; Billie Eilish Cleans House at the Grammy Awards: Her Award-Winning Album Revisited; Texas Tenors and NISO Take the Stage at Concert; Review: John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch; Preparing for a Joint High School and College String Festival
  • Feature: Dordt Actress Reaches Semifinals at ACTF; Unexpected Opportunities; Home for the Weekend
  • Feature & Opinion: The Bachelor: A Guilty Pleasure for All Genders; Opinion: A Visit to the Raiders' Cultural Fair; Sung Jae Ko: From Dordt, to China, to Korea, and Back; Student-Run Broadcasts: Difficult, But Rewarding
  • The Back Page: Review: Dolittle Delivers a Pleasant Surprise; An Open Letter to Politicians from Gen Z

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Dordt University


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt University, Dordt Diamond, newspaper, student publication


Erika Buiter and Emma Stolzfus

The Diamond, February 7, 2020