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  • Front Page: A Hawley, Jolly Night of Live Music in 55th Avenue; Time Warp Wins Air Band in Flurried Fashion; New Communication Professor Tom Prinsen Tells His Story
  • News: The Yetis and The Basics Show Promise at the Fruited Plain; Producer Confidence Low Despite Bountiful Harvest; No Substitute for Human Blood; Dozens of Students Attend Debate Viewing Party; Depression or Fatigue: Advice for Overcoming in College; Basics of the EpiPen Debate; New Club Asks Hard Questions and Eats Good Food; Students Jockeying for Professors During Registration; Intimate All-Campus Retreat in Spite of Conflicts; The Dordt Prairie: Then and Now
  • Features: Talking Shop: Laremy De Vries of The Fruited Plain; Vern Eekhoff: The Man of the Hour
  • Sports: World Cup of Hockey Approaches; Nonconference Schedule Preps Women's Soccer for Conference Play; Bandstra and Drake Impress at the Griak; New Faces Mean New Challenges for Men's Soccer
  • Arts & Entertainment: Katy Wilson Upcoming Senior Recital; Much To Do About Much Ado; Music in Nature: Dordt Hosts Second "Arts in the Prairie" Event; Me Before You: Beautiful People and Euthanasia
  • The Back Page: Q&A with Featured Athlete Jill Schouten; Dordt Blades Hit the Ice; Intramural Season is Upon Us

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Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt College, Dordt Diamond, newspaper, student publication


Jon Janssen and Ashley Bloemhof

The Diamond, September 28, 2016