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  • Front Page: Giving Day Brings in Double Its Goal in Scholarship Money; Jindal Serves Politics with a Side of Pizza; Gun Control Conversations Increase in Number Due to Escalated Violence
  • News: Controversial "Virtual Locker" Portfolio to Change College Admissions Process; Dordt Scientific Minds Use Grant to Improve Heartland Area Education; PLIA Program Thrives Through Testimonials; Engineers Bridge Gap in Liberia; Outdoor Seating Included in Plans for Campus Development; Lawsuit Against LinkedIn Feature Ends in Favor of Users; Members of Swing Dance Club Participate in Off-Campus Ballroom Dancing; Recent Shootings Raise Concerns About Campus Security; New Pre-Architectural Club Inspired by Conference and Exhibit
  • Opinion: The Honest Answer: Why I am Not a Calvinist; From the Editor: Rethinking the Virtues of Progress; The Buffington Post - An Accessible River of Secrets and Information; Caeden's Corner: Guns Kill Violence
  • Sports: Young Blades Team Makes First Appearance of 2015-16; Dordt Campus Embraces MLB Postseason; Stiemsma's Journey from Men's Soccer to Women's Basketball and Back Again; Golf Teams Build off Individual Success
  • Arts and Entertainment: Do You Want to Build a Snowman? How About a Disney Costume?; "Straggler" Short Film: An Introduction; Film Reviews: "Pan" Pan-ned by Critics, But Overall a Cool Movie
  • The Back Page: Humans of Dordt College

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Ashley Bloemhof and Jon Janssen

The Diamond, October 14, 2015