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  • Front Page: Budget Deficit Causes Cuts, Not Expected to Affect Tuition; What About the Other 15 Percent?; Not Only Are They Smaller... They're Smarter, Too
  • News: Prairie Grass Film Challenge Awards: 'Sam Beasley, P.I.' Finds Coveted 'Dordty"; Symposium Update; Pass Rates Exceptionally High in Dordt's Nursing Program; Upcoming SAC Events; 'Fundamental Elements' Concert Benefits PLIA; Online Personal Training in the Final Round; A Philosophical Approach to Graphic Design
  • Features: Love Made into Loaves: Story of Olivia's Bakery; Testing Their Stomachs: Man Club Plans Eating Contest to Go Along with Februhairy Beard Judging; It's Possible: Siouxpreme Love
  • Opinion: Dating Daze: Virgin-Whore Heroines; Reality Check: Moving on From Torture; The Anti-Moderate: Distractions; Alvin Observes: 'A Time for Everything. . .Under the Heavens
  • Sports: Against Odds, Blades Make Nationals for Third Year; Track and Field Sends Sixteen; Ask an Athlete; Schmidt Joins Teammates at the Top; Baseball Season Begins in Metrodome
  • Fine Arts: Spring Show, 'Book of Days,' to Make Its Premier Tonight; First Six Seniors Showcase Artwork; Area High School Orchestras Join to Play with Dordt for Music Festival Performance
  • Amusements: Comic Mishaps; Over/Under: Your Ultimate Guide on How to Think; Stories From Abroad; Featured Photo; Top Ten

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Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


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Kelly Cooke and Ashlee Stallinga

The Diamond, February 25, 2010