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  • Front Page: Women's Team Takes Title; Surprise! Clinton in for Second Term; Medallion Muddle Cleared Up
  • Second Front: Students Live and Learn in Chicago; Juniors to Study in England; Students Intern in DC; Mexican Culture Experienced; Hands-On Learning in Holland
  • News: Freshmen Pleased with Curfew Change; Picture Poll: Are Grades a Good Reflection of What You Learn?
  • Editorials: Praise and Worship, Not Play and Goof Off; A Room with a View: D7 Speaks Out; Free Press: Slaves to God; Letters to the Editor; Global Observatory: Mistakes Have Been Made
  • Feature: Grades: Friend and Foe; Grade Point Average and Jobs: Am I Employable?; Associate Academic Dean Speaks About Dordt's Grading System
  • Reviews: Jars of Clay in Sioux Falls on October 31; Germans, Suits, Bruises, and Plaid: Concert Review; Students Impressed by Meece's Music; Cairo Diario: We're Not in Hollywood Anymore; Better Than Ezra: Friction, Baby
  • Entertainment: Pedantic Performs in Orange City; Gym Named after Donor
  • Sports: Dordt Blades Steamroll Competition; Men Storm into Postseason; Women Finish Successful Year; Women to Field Young Team; Playoffs: Defenders Inching Toward Postseason; Defender Men Open Much-Anticipated Season Next Week
  • Final Word: Costume Dance Raises Money for DDL; New Java Shop in Sioux Center

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Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt College, Dordt Diamond, newspaper, student publication


Kate Dekker

The Diamond, November 7, 1996