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  • Front Page: New Computer Network Links Campus; Dordt Adds Five to Faculty; Brian Bosscher and Covenant Lead Praise Rally at Dordt
  • News: Campolo's Stories Encourage Passion; Campolo Fights for Your Right to Party!; Meet a New Man on Campus; Building a Covenant: New Dorm Unfinished as Students Move In; Freshman Class Largest Ever Enrolled at Dordt
  • Opinion: President Clinton Repents; Television at its Best; Canadian, Eh?; Giving Glory to God Alone; Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin; Carry the Cross
  • Features: Students Lead in Worship; Bible Studies & Prayer Groups
  • Sports: Men's Soccer Marred by Early Season Stabbings; Women's Soccer Seeks to Continue Success, Combine Experience and Youth; Women's Volleyball Undefeated Early in Season; Newness all Around; Off and Running!
  • Arts: Amistad to Land on Campus: Promises to Captivate Audience; Maskil... Unashamed Reliance of God: This Ain't No Closet Christian Band; Dordt Music Department Holds Numerous Events: Concerts and Recitals Abound
  • Entertainment: Sy Ellens: Now in Dordt's Gallery; CCM Hinders Effective Witness: Should We Be Watching Z TV?
  • World Commentary: Seeds of Hope for Africa; How Should We Serve the Poor and Oppressed in Nicaragua?; The Man With No Limbs and the Girl Standing Next to Him

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Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt College, Dordt Diamond, newspaper, student publication


Sean Gregg and Cheryl Wierda

The Diamond, September 17, 1998