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Table of Contents

  • Nowhere by Nancy Matheis
  • To love... by Sandy Van Den Berg
  • The iron hand... by Mary Poel
  • [photo of tree] by Bill Siebersma
  • [drawing of man] by Hugh Cook
  • Topography by Jeanie Zinkand
  • Day on Day by Kathryn Feikema
  • Berries by Duane Plantinga
  • Of Memories and Times Past by Brian Vonk
  • Women by Jeanie Zinkand
  • Death by Julie Van Holland
  • End of the Beginning by George DeGroot
  • Nature's Back Door by Mike Van Dyke
  • Clouds by Deb Horstman
  • Wood Grinder by Donna Den Ouden
  • Don't Call Me Sarah by Marva Voetberg
  • Ireton Lover's Lane by Dean Mouw
  • Broadjumper by Paul Dorr
  • Summer starts to drop... by Bonnie Kuipers
  • [photo of two people on a swing] by Paul Dorr
  • Miracle of Spring by Donna Den Ouden
  • Sea Scape by Pat DeBoom
  • Faithful Dryad by Mike Van Dyke
  • The Conductor by Janna de Groot
  • Twenty-Five Cents to Mow His Lawn by Keith Voss
  • [photo of stacked cylinders] by Randy Postma
  • Rouault: A Vision of Suffering and Salvation by Mark Okkema
  • Haiku by Duane Plantinga
  • The Keeper by Brian Vonk

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Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


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Gary Wondergem

The Canon, [1973-74]: Volume 4, Number 5