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Table of Contents

  • Cover Design by Laurie Zinkand
  • I couldn't write... by Stan Sturing
  • To the Immigrant by Valerie Zandstra
  • [photo of abandoned house] by James C. Schaap
  • A long time ago... by Pat Leegwater
  • Another Look At "Abstract" Art by Lugene Vanden Bosch
  • Death of Sirocco by Judy Van Gorp
  • A shell on the beach... by Norman Prenger
  • The Clock by Brian Weaver
  • The best I can do... by Norman Prenger
  • Whenever a child is born... by Norman Prenger
  • In mountain meadows... by Bonnie Kuipers
  • Truly Blessed by Lavonne Nannenga
  • "The Bird" by Mark Vogelzang
  • Crimson Bird by Norman Prenger
  • [3 drawings of crushed Coke cans] by Gerry Vaandering
  • Despair by Grace Holtvluwer
  • [photo of weaving] by Judy Vander Kwaak
  • You two... by Bonnie Kuipers
  • Wounded by Bill Koopmans
  • [photo of weaving] by Shar Dokter
  • "Door-Steps" in Black by Karen Kole
  • Natural Dyes: Color Tested by Aunt Margaret by Judy Van Gorp
  • [drawing in black and white] by Karen Vreugdenhil
  • On Squaring A Circle by Asaph Hartz

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Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


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Bonnie Kuipers and Pat Leegwater

The Canon, Christmas 1978: Volume 9, Number 2