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Table of Contents

  • Mark, Why are You Barking? by Paul Otto
  • Drought by Laura Apol
  • [photo of country road] by LeRoy Berentschot
  • [drawing of head in hands] by Tonja Veltman
  • Grandfather by Laura Apol
  • Grandma by Lynn De Young
  • Saturday Night Ragtime by Steve Powell
  • Mothers -- Is There Life After Delivery? by Jim Broek
  • [photo of baby] by Lori Dykhouse
  • [drawing of boy with folded hands] by Tonja Veltman
  • Ice Scream Boy by Michael Brands
  • The Dawning and the Dew by Lin Nibbelink
  • April Blues by Lin Nibbelink
  • [drawing of flowers on stem] by Karen Niewenhuis
  • Indian Summer by Laura Apol
  • [drawing of leaves on branch] by Renee Vander Stelt
  • Confessional by Lynn De Young
  • [photo of person in shadow] by LeRoy Berentschot
  • deep inside your darkmoon eyes... by Lin Nibbelink
  • passion to see swaying wheat... by Mark-Philip Venema
  • ENIGMATIC DEATH by Mark-Philip Venema
  • Second Coming by Brian Westra
  • [photo of clothespins on electric wires] by LeRoy Berentschot
  • Dry Pond by Luke Seerveld
  • Prayer Meeting by Luke Seerveld
  • [photo of water under bridge] by LeRoy Berentschot
  • For Want of Something Better To Do by David Sawtelle
  • Gideon Elected by Lori Walburg
  • [drawing of violin] by Renee Vander Stelt
  • Haiku by Ellen De Groot
  • When he says those things... by Lin Nibbelink
  • Here and Now by Mike Dykstra
  • [photo of strawberries in a bowl] by LeRoy Berentschot
  • [photo of a fork] by Tonja Veltman
  • Tan Flat by Steve Powell
  • [photo of dancer's feet] by LeRoy Berentschot
  • Mistake by Mike Dykstra

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Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


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Lori Walburg and LeRoy Berentschot

The Canon, December 1983