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Table of Contents

  • We had to go... by Dorthea Groenendyk
  • [photo of white house] by Dorthea Groenendyk
  • [photo of farm buildings] by Jeff De Boer
  • [photo of building with car] by Jeff De Boer
  • [photo of abandoned farm buildings] by Dorthea Groenendyk
  • [photo of inside of old farm building] by Jeff De Boer
  • Gags by Tamara Mulder
  • A Betrayer of Christ by Steve Kortenhoven
  • [photo of girl] by Angela Eriksen
  • [photo of man and baby] by Angela Eriksen
  • The Sly One by Tammy Hoppe
  • The River by James Sawtelle
  • [photo of river] by Angela Eriksen
  • [pencil drawing of eagle and man] by Sue Likkel
  • The Rose by Kris Carroll
  • [drawing of weddings inside Dordt chapel] by Heather Alsum
  • [3 drawings of student life] by Heather Alsum
  • The Cross by the Highway by Lynn Kerr
  • How to Sit Home on a Weekend Night by Angela Eriksen
  • [photo by water] by Brenda Tuininga
  • An Interview with Frederick Manfred by Dirk Schouten
  • [photo of Frederick Manfred] by Larry Risser
  • Death by Bart Miles
  • True Fear by Kris Carroll
  • The Art of the Power Nap by Daniel Mennega
  • Conformity by Tricia Kooiker
  • [photo of farm buildings reflected in water] by Jeff De Boer
  • [photo of fence] by Brenda Tuininga
  • ticker-tape by Dorthea Groenendyk

Publication Date

Fall 1989


Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt College, The Canon, The Cannon, poetry, visual art, creative non-fiction, fiction, reviews


Dorthea Groenendyk

The Canon, Fall 1989