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Table of Contents

  • Cover Design by Laryn Bakker
  • Caged by Laryn Bakker
  • 3-eyed by Heather Hamilton
  • love song of pfill by Chris Nonhof
  • Dogwood Tree by Sarah Bliss
  • Every Eye Will See Him by Helena Geels
  • anthology by Paula Treick
  • Still hiding after all these years by Laryn Bakker
  • Country Church by Jamey Schiebout
  • kool-aid, puddles, and other liquid substances by Sean Voogt
  • Hamlet was am I by Dirk Zwart
  • factory job by Sarah Walsh
  • the story teller by Paula Treick
  • There is a man... by Joshua Duane Buys
  • Reflections, Reflections, Reflections by Helena Geels
  • The Wizard by Maarten Vanderstoel
  • The Dream by Grant Elgersma
  • Jodi by Sarah Nieuwsma
  • Worlds Apart by Meri Kuipers
  • Spyder by Robb Vanderstoel
  • [photo of tree trunks] by Laryn Bakker
  • [drawing of Native American child] by Kristin Kobes
  • potassium deficiency by Sarah Walsh
  • The Moon then and now by Robin Vis
  • Winter Night by Sean Covington
  • Snow by Sarah Bliss
  • Stars by Brian Wisselink
  • Why does it hide? by Colin Brue
  • Art and Technology by Maarten Vanderstoel
  • Looking up by Jamie Mouw
  • Letters by Jessica Vanderwerff
  • The 90's by Robb Vanderstoel
  • Wishing Well by Brian Wisselink
  • [photo of bubbled surface] by Amy Wielinga
  • Bored Again by Dan Kakolewski
  • Floating Treeline by Laryn Bakker
  • Honesty by Dirk Zwart
  • In the cross of Christ, I glory by Helena Geels
  • the routine by Jessica Vanderwerff
  • Bowl's Eye by Helena Geels
  • Vengeance is Mine by Lee-Ann Grootenboer
  • Espionage by Laryn Bakker
  • Space/Time Continuum by Hannah Atwood
  • Indecent Exposure by Laryn Bakker
  • Self-portrait by Laryn Bakker
  • Ionia by Mindy Buys
  • Signs of Life by Laryn Bakker
  • in your exhale... by Paula Treick
  • Jeff by Sarah Bliss
  • Self-Portrait by Lee-Ann Grootenboer

Publication Date

Spring 1997


Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt College, The Canon, The Cannon, poetry, visual art, creative non-fiction, fiction, reviews


Paula Treick

The Canon, Spring 1997