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Master of Education (MEd)


Graduate Education

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Dennis Vander Plaats


Moral teaching programs, such as character education, have been implemented nationwide in order to curb the growing trend of violence, abuse, and moral relativism within schools, both public and private. These programs represent a variety of moral training philosophies, and current research is revealing some "best practices" within the field. However, these programs do little to address the needs of distinctively Christian educators who seek to train their students toward the character of Jesus Christ. The research in this study promotes the development of a curriculum to meet this need. The following research indicates that character education's premise and many of its practices are worthy of consideration when developing a Christian character curriculum. However, the foundation of the character traits promoted by a Christian character curriculum must not be based on the consensus of a pluralistic society. The foundation must be established solely on the person of Christ. Best practices within the field of character education are emerging through current research. These practices and the theories behind them are also examined in light of the development of a Christian character curriculum. Recommendations and implications for a Christian character curriculum are made in both theory and practice.


Action Research Report Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Education