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The purpose of this project is to outline some keys to effective resolution of staff conflict in Christian schools. This project begins by introducing the problems that can occur in Christian community when conflict does not get resolved effectively. This is followed up by a closer look at God's will and purpose for Christian community in resolving conflicts that may threaten to tear them apart. This discussion is followed up with the identification of the characteristics of conflict and the trends that people generally follow when seeking to resolve their conflicts. Since the Bible is known to be a study of conflict resolution, the next section of this paper underlines biblical norms for resolving our conflicts and concludes with a framework of what the literature outlined to be effective keys for resolving staff conflict in a Christian school setting. A method for determining the extent these keys measure up to some examples of present and past conflict resolutions is then identified and followed up by four case studies outlining the nature of a conflict and its resolution. Each case study is followed up by a discussion of how the resolution exhibited or failed to exhibit some of the keys identified earlier. A summary that analyzes each of the identified keys is then offered and implications are made regarding necessary elements for effective conflict resolution in Christian schools.


Action Research Report Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Education