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Conference Presentation

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Physics and Astronomy


collaborative learning, collaborative testing, TAAR, Team Analysis And Review, undergraduate students, physics course


Team work is widely reported to be a highly desired skill by prospective employers and professional schools. To help my students develop teamwork skills I have been using group quizzes called “Team Analysis And Review” (TAARs) in my introductory algebra-based physics course. A TAAR takes the full 50-minute class period and the students will review the material on the quiz three times during the period: individually, in an assigned group, and finally as a whole class. The individual TAAR allows the student to identify personal gaps in their understanding of the material. The group TAAR encourages peer instruction and offers an immediate opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Reviewing the TAAR as a whole class closes the feedback loop and allows the instructor to correct any lingering student misunderstandings. Students respond favorably to the process and report that TAARs are helpful for their learning.


Poster presented at the Summer Meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers held on the campus of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 26-30, 2014.