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Table of Contents

  • Cover Design by Arlo Bakker
  • The "Others" by Heidi Karges
  • Annecy, France by Chloe Hilden
  • Fortunate by Beth Vander Ziel
  • Changing Colors by Jessica Van Smeerdyk
  • Especially From the Waste by Matt Deppe
  • Steal the Sun by Arlo Bakker
  • Twilightening by Benjamin Groenewold
  • The Seed Woman by Sarah Den Boer
  • Before the White Man by Jeremy D. Hummel
  • Two Pillars of the Earth by Matt Deppe
  • The Stranger by Benjamin Groenewold
  • Sharp Reflections by Heather Van Ooyen
  • in the meantime by Gabriel Florit
  • Eternal Mark by Carma Smidt
  • New Perspectives by Mikala Poll
  • I Must be Fed by Sharla Derksen
  • Constant, Yet Changing by Mikala Poll
  • A More-or-Less Poetic Musing on the Prevalence of Unnecessary Technology in Contemporary American Society: by Tricia Van Dyk
  • Tserkov Sobora Presvyatoi Bogaroditsii - Our Lady's Nativity Church by Sarah Den Boer
  • Balalaika Busker on Bolshoya Pokrovskaya by Sarah Den Boer
  • grace by Jeremy D. Hummel
  • ajumbledShout by Benjamin Groenewold
  • Miscommunication by Heidi Karges
  • Sanitized--a sonnet by Sarah Den Boer
  • Walk in My Shoes by Helena Geels
  • Desert Play by Heather Van Ooyen
  • Necklace by Beth Vander Ziel
  • He (the Camel) by Allison De Jong

Publication Date

Spring 2002


Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


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Heidi Karges

The Canon, Spring 2002