Dordt Canon


Dordt College



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Table of Contents

  • [drawing of squirrel] by Jeff Gesch
  • [photo of Dordt building] by Jarret Eshuis
  • [photo of tree trunks] by Mike Edema
  • Amigas by Heather Hamilton
  • The Epitomy Of Sunday Afternoon-ness by Sonya Jongsma
  • [photo of shoes] by Henry Bakker
  • Time's Boundaries by Matthew Perkins
  • Denial by Brian Huseland
  • The Life of a Lamb by Robb Vanderstoel
  • [photo of European city] by Luke Schelhaas
  • One less paper to the nursing wing by Henry Bakker
  • [photo of windows] by Brian Huseland
  • Billboard by Luke Schelhaas
  • I've got you with me... by Paula Treick
  • [photo of woman on bench] by Henry Bakker
  • Light in the Night by Konstantin Kekhaev
  • [painting of river] by Monique Sliedrecht
  • [sculpture of figure] by Carol Vaandrager
  • Girl by Laryn Bakker
  • [abstract painting] by Jana Hofmeyer
  • negativeland by Dirk Zwart
  • [drawing of figure on fire] by Jeff Gesch
  • Jeff by Robb Vanderstoel
  • Take a bow the night is over... by Todd Werkhoven
  • [drawing of man on bench] by Monique Sliedrecht
  • [photo of Alton elevator] by Luke Schelhaas
  • [painting of landscape] by Monique Sliedrecht
  • Only Begotten by Brian Huseland
  • Named by Luke Schelhaas
  • [photo of tree on hill] by Mike Edema

Publication Date



Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt College, The Canon, The Cannon, poetry, visual art, creative non-fiction, fiction, reviews


Chuck Van Drunen, Sonya Jongsma, Ryan Vander Plaats and Luke Schelhaas

The Canon, 1995