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Table of Contents

  • From the Editor... by Miriam Keen
  • Letter to the Editor by Rev. Bernard J. Haan Jr.
  • Dordt College: Geared to the Non-CRC Student? by Miriam Keen
  • Rumors by Lynda J. Moes
  • The Importance of Being... Dordt College President by Jean Zondervan
  • Reflection on Birds by Michele Cobb
  • Olds Married Couple by Tamara Mulder
  • Sometimes I forget... by Dorthea Grossmann
  • On South Dakota by Amy Tiemersma
  • On Iowa by Amy Tiemersma
  • On South Dakota Dirt Road by Amy Tiemersma
  • Sandra by Karla Kamp
  • Trusted Suitcases by Diane Bakker
  • The Coma by Dorthea Grossmann
  • Once Upon a Christmas... by Dawn Nykamp
  • Death Walks Silently by Sam Gesch
  • "When I Think of the Swell Time Could Have Without You..." by Beth Boender
  • Ode to the pink-shoed girl in the library by Laura Tebben
  • Hitting Home by Steve Kortenhoeven
  • O Lord, where can I go... by Ethan Brue
  • Churchill-Christmas, 1988 by Karla Kamp
  • Words of Wisdom by Karla Kamp
  • [silkscreen] by Lisa Westerveld
  • Art Show Exhibitor by Sharyl Wielard
  • Conversation by Sharyl Wielard
  • City Streets by Sharyl Wielard
  • Watching the Parade by Sharyl Wielard
  • Onward We Pedal by Lynn Van Heyst
  • Invincible, Untouchable by Dale Wubben
  • The Beggar by Kelly Brousseau
  • How Are You, James by Dave Tebben
  • [photo of railroad tracks] by Mark Buss
  • [drawing of farm buildings] by Al Bandstra
  • [acrylic of windmill] by Brenda Tuininga
  • Fence #1,2,3 by Sandy Allspach
  • Chapel Series #1,2,3 by Sandy Allspach
  • A Resting Place by Sandy Allspach
  • The Renaco by Sam Gesch
  • Stillness Age by Floyd Reitsma
  • Searching by Robert Van Kooten
  • End of the Term by Michele Cobb

Publication Date

Spring 1989


Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


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Miriam Keen

The Voice, Spring 1989