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Dordt College



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Table of Contents

  • Divine Splendor by Steve Kortenhoeven
  • Editorial by Miriam Keen
  • Sioux Center's Movie Theater Controversy by Karla Kamp and Gina Vos
  • The Beginning of Dordt College: An Interview with B.J. Haan by Dave Tebben
  • A Day with Reverend B. J. Haan by Jean Zondervan
  • Dateline on Dordt's History by Mike Vanden Bosch
  • Dordt in 2028 by Al Bandstra
  • Preparation by Tonya Dryfhout
  • Getting Ready for Class - In 10 Minutes or Less! by Elaine Gorter
  • The Last Moment by Loc Le
  • Apples by Dave Tebben
  • The Disciple I Admire by Amy Maanen
  • My life is heavy... by Dorthea Grossmann
  • Wandered by Todd Eriksen
  • I'm not in love... by Dorthea Grossmann
  • At the Auction by Miriam Keen
  • The Run by Winston Visser
  • Revolt by Winston Visser
  • Jetstream by Mark Buss
  • Doubting Thomas by Virginia Stem Owens
  • Rhetoric of Death by Jim Bowser
  • All of God's Creation by Steve Kortenhoeven

Publication Date

Fall 1988


Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt College, The Canon, The Cannon, poetry, visual art, creative non-fiction, fiction, reviews


Miriam Keen

The Canon, Fall 1988