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Table of Contents

  • Nothing and Everything by Mark-Philip Venema
  • big Sioux bridge no. 1 by Sharon Vande Vegte
  • Autumn by Heather Bouwman
  • Death is None by Heather Bouwman
  • Homo Sapien by Bill Meyerhoff
  • Incognito ergo sum by Bill Meyerhoff
  • Eden by Ellen Matheis
  • Last Summer We Three by Angela Struyk
  • two by Angela Struyk
  • Foe Paw by Angela Struyk
  • Flushing Out Internal Demons by Angela Struyk
  • plymouth by Kris Van Zee
  • dodge by Kris Van Zee
  • bird on hood by Kris Van Zee
  • Barbed Wire by Susan Powell
  • cars under trees by Kris Van Zee
  • Dancing Girls by Susan Powell
  • i hear in summer... by Susan Powell
  • aurora borealis by Susan Powell
  • Hwy. 2 by Mark-Philip Venema
  • A Yawn by Mark-Philip Venema
  • I will not listen... by Mark-Philip Venema
  • Impression of Stanley Park collected while on a mossy log by Mark-Philip Venema
  • Larry's Hideaway by Mark-Philip Venema
  • Ipsum Esse by Mark-Philip Venema
  • a brisk walk from old Cabbagetown by Mark-Philip Venema
  • A flush in the toilet of everlastingness by Glenda Brandes
  • Young and Christian Reformed by Glenda Brandes
  • Oyster in pain... by Glenda Brandes
  • Typical... by Glenda Brandes
  • mufflers by Kris Van Zee
  • big Sioux bridge no. 2 by Sharon Vande Vegte

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Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


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Mark-Philip Venema

The Canon, February 1987