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Table of Contents

  • Cover Design by Arlo Bakker
  • Steady by Ann DuMez
  • I Went out Walking by Jeremy Hummel
  • The First Hour of March by Ethan Koerner
  • Room by Jennifer Berkompas
  • Faithful by Teresa Gorter
  • Myrtle by Denise VerBeek
  • Turning the Last Fallow Ground by Arlo Bakker
  • Solace by Arlo Bakker
  • Grandfather's Story by Jeremy Hummel
  • Crocheting Lesson by Kristi Mulder
  • Love II by Bethany Meservey
  • Sonja by Chris Maust
  • From Fruit to Fruition by Valerie Westra
  • Food for Thought by Holly Miller
  • Postcard from Hiroshima 1 by David Versluis
  • Temptation by Jennifer Berkompas
  • Triumph by Beth Vander Ziel
  • To a Friend Who Travels Far by Sarah Van Egdom
  • Trance by Ethan Koerner
  • Chicago by John Hansen
  • Red String by Valerie Westra
  • Flesh by Bethany Knight
  • Watching in Reverse by John Hansen
  • Friendship, Maine by Bethany Meservey
  • February 13 by Sarah Van Egdom
  • Reciprocation by Holly Miller
  • Exploitation by Jessica Van Smeerdyk
  • His Thick Life by Heidi Karges
  • Shuffle by Arlo Bakker
  • Random Morning by Beka Schreur
  • Encounter Beyond the Corn Field by Jeremy Hummel
  • On Winter Nights by Kristi Mulder
  • Spec-ulation by Carol Hiner
  • Sounding by Heidi Karges
  • Blurrific by Chris Maust
  • Restless by Jennifer Berkompas
  • HighLights by Beka Schreur

Publication Date

Spring 2003


Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


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Heidi Karges

The Canon, Spring 2003