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Table of Contents

  • Cover Design by Pat Leegwater
  • Frontispiece by Margariete Timmermans
  • This is for Pop-Bottle Pete by Dave Groenenboom
  • Navajo by Karen Kole
  • Keep Silence by Judy Van Gorp
  • Rev. 3:15,16 by Sandra Elgersma
  • [photo of windmill] by Dan Zinkand
  • Three summers ago... by Bonnie Kuipers
  • Godfried's Anointment by Marj De Bruyn
  • Raindrop by Greta Vanderhoek
  • Storageus by Harry J. Kits
  • Verne Meyer by Editorial Staff
  • [photo of girls] by Dave Groenenboom
  • Words by Margariete Timmermans
  • Words flow by Dave Groenenboom
  • [drawing of cigarette] by Gerry Vaandering
  • The last cigarette... by Dave Groenenboom
  • No gentle china... by Bonnie Kuipers
  • [drawing of chairs] by Dan Van Heyst
  • Of Farrah and Chaucer by Kathy Teune
  • [drawing of rodent] by Dave Mulder
  • The Dressmaker by Pat Boonstra
  • Mere Foolishness by Dianne Vander Hoek
  • [drawing of tree] by Margariete Timmermans
  • A Friday Night's Choice by The Weaz
  • On Whether Pigs Have Wings by Pat Leegwater
  • The Sietze Buning Phenomenon by Editorial Staff
  • Parole by Geraldine de Rooy
  • Lord by Lavonne Nannenga
  • C 160 by Margariete Timmermans
  • Between Heaven & Hell: The Grand Canyon by Neil Culbertson
  • I Am a Woman by Bonnie Kuipers
  • I smell microscopic life... by Neil Culbertson

Publication Date

Spring 1978


Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt College, The Canon, The Cannon, poetry, visual art, creative non-fiction, fiction, reviews


Dave Groenenboom

The Canon, Spring 1978: Volume 8, Number 3