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Table of Contents

  • Cover Design by David De Groot
  • Diana by Henry Knoop
  • While I Stood There by Judy Kalsbeek
  • Haikus by Sandy Van Den Berg
  • The Scarecrow by Joyce Postma
  • The Ride Home by Jeanie Zinkand
  • #8 by Evonne Gerdes
  • To the One I Love by Mike Pavey
  • Untitled by David De Groot
  • The Point of Return by David De Groot
  • [photo of a pillar] by Milt Bos
  • [photo of a dark haired girl] by Tim Van Den Berg
  • [photo of a lakeshore] by Tom Streelman
  • [hoto of pine trees] by Paul De Jong
  • [3 small photos] by John Struik
  • [photo of a cage] by Paul De Jong
  • [sculpture of man's head] by Glenda Visser
  • [drawing of crying face] by Marilee De Groot
  • [painting of tree] by Arliss Kragt
  • [drawing of man's face] by Elaine Huisman
  • [drawing abstract shapes] by Kathy Steenhoek
  • [drawing abstract with dark lines] by Rodney Wielenga
  • The Fate of Mrs. Crump's Daughter by Carol Gunnink
  • A Personal Friend by Mary Burgers
  • I Thought of July by Jan Robyn
  • Ghetto #11 by Irene Bolluyt
  • As a Musician... Piano #1 by Lambert Zuidervaart
  • As a Musician...Piano #2 by Lambert Zuidervaart
  • What Your Eyes Have Spoken-My Heart Has Heard! by Dorinda Ver Hoeven
  • Spring Haikus by Helen Blankespoor
  • The Miser's Legacy by Sue Maatman
  • Youth Shall Be Renewed by Sue Maatman
  • Week-Days by Bill de Jager
  • Marble Game by Pat Dykstra
  • Love Walking by Irene Bolluyt
  • Linger On by Pat Dykstra
  • Eulogy by Sue Maatman
  • Reality by Mike Pavey
  • A Cry for Love by Jean Brower
  • From the Psalmist's Medley by David Cummings
  • Rain by Sue Maatman

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Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt College, The Canon, The Cannon, poetry, visual art, creative non-fiction, fiction, reviews


David De Groot, Jake Van Breda, Verlyn Vander Top, Kathy Hengeveld, David Cummings and Karl Neerhof

The Canon, [1970-71]: Volume 1, Number 6