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Table of Contents

  • Mrs Wilson is dead and resides in Philadelphia by Barry Crush
  • TO by Anya Seerveld
  • [photo of birch trunks] by Ron Otten
  • If loneliness was just space... by Karon Lock
  • Come Unto Me by Kathy Sanderse
  • The Storyteller Returns by Bonnie Kuipers
  • 1,2,3 by Bonnie Kuipers
  • 4-7-79 by Lin Nibbelink
  • JC by Anya Seerveld
  • Something about a tree... by Ron Otten
  • To My Wing, With Love by Dianne Vander Hoek
  • [drawing of leaves] by Pauline Van Biert
  • Frankie Pete by Bill Koopmans
  • Interruptions by Lin Nibbelink
  • Bottle by Norman Prenger
  • May 23--Independence Day by Norman Prenger
  • [painting of men on bench] by Rachel Smit
  • The Beast of Monsieur Racine by Pat Leegwater
  • To Death Who Was No Refuge by Bonnie Kuipers
  • The Reversal by Bonnie Kuipers
  • Bilbo, Gabriel, and You by Pat Leegwater
  • The End by Bill Willemstyn
  • Psalm 91 by Lauren Runia

Publication Date

Spring 1979


Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt College, The Canon, The Cannon, poetry, visual art, creative non-fiction, fiction, reviews


Bonnie Kuipers and Pat Leegwater

The Canon, [Spring 1979]