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Table of Contents

  • Cover Design by Anthony Emerson
  • [photo of girl with rabbit] by Delwyn Van Essen
  • His Shell by Pam Evink
  • This One For Tradition by Thriesa Kolk
  • Passage by David Dill
  • Je reviens by Anya Seerveld
  • Like Grass on Still Water by Gioia Seerveld
  • [drawing of plant] by Tricia De Vries
  • El Producto by David Dill
  • Ceramic Dancer by Stan Sturing
  • Under The Influence by Jim De Young
  • Pearly Mae by Anya Seerveld
  • [photo of stream] by Delwyn Van Essen
  • The Visit by Jim De Young
  • Praise God, the Lord, Ye Sons of Men by Laura Vander Windt
  • O Bless Our God With One Accord by Keith Eiten
  • [photo of trees by water] by Delwyn Van Essen
  • [drawing of cross] by Diane Houtsma
  • Praise the Lord! by Julie Hulstein
  • A Walk in Late Autumn by Jim De Young
  • Photo Phobia by Dianne Vander Hoek
  • [drawing of flowering plant] by Rosalie Groot
  • "Peace" in G by Chris DuMez
  • These be three cosmic things... by Pam Evink
  • No New Thing Under the Sun by Greg Uttinger
  • Melody in D by Bev Van Gelder

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Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


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Dianne Vander Hoek

The Canon, [December 1980]