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Table of Contents

  • Cover Design by Sid Bandstra
  • Invocation by Lynnette Pennings
  • Need a Window? by Diane Houtsma
  • [photo of auger] by Judy Cook
  • 20 Miles South of Heil, North Dakota, Population 24 by Dan Zinkand
  • A Counter of Salami by Lynnette Pennings
  • Through a Glass by Lynnette Pennings
  • Untitled by Michelle Vander Kooi
  • There Is A Place For Didactic Art by Ray Louter
  • Pastoral Scenes by Dan Zinkand
  • Noosebom by Barry Crush
  • Of Ancient Times and Distant Places by Mike Dykstra
  • [photo of fruit in bowl] by Judy Cook
  • Shot of Love by Brian Deheer
  • Chariots of Fire by Mike Brands
  • [photo of old-fashioned car] by Sid Bandstra
  • [photo of old house] by Judy Cook
  • In Anticipation of The Intruder by Ron Otten
  • [photo of cactus plant] by Russ Rowenhorst
  • As the Flower of the Field... by Jeff Alons
  • [drawing of hand] by Kent Kuipers
  • [drawing of corn cob] by Laura Van Velzen
  • Sonnet to Lil Grissen Upon Her Leaving Dordt College March, 1982 by Mike Vanden Bosch

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Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


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Anya Seerveld

The Canon, 1982