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Table of Contents

  • Cover Design by Renee Vander Stelt
  • [photo of tree] by Corrina Bangma
  • No Trespassing by Lori Kuipers
  • [photo of old barn] by Steve Lesondak
  • Tire Salvage Gravel Pit by Wayne Spronk
  • Reunion by Wayne Spronk
  • advancing, technically by Wayne Spronk
  • Dark daylight, evil gods? by Wayne Spronk
  • Story-times by Wayne Spronk
  • Soluble by Wayne Spronk
  • wiping out by Wayne Spronk
  • I Can't See Him by Paul Van Beek
  • Basking by Wayne Spronk
  • [drawing of kitchen items on a table] by Renee Vander Stelt
  • Thermochemistry by Brian Keairns
  • [drawing of a candle holder] by Renee Vander Stelt
  • Listen by Deb Walraven
  • Thinking? by Deb Walraven
  • Looking Glass by Deb Walraven
  • Wind by Deb Walraven
  • [drawing of a girl's face] by Renee Vander Stelt
  • The Dam by Cal Struyk
  • Countdown by Lisa Witzenburg
  • TULIP by William Meyerhoff
  • My friend kafka by William Meyerhoff
  • [windmill drawing] by Renee Vander Stelt
  • Father... by Susan Powell
  • Summer Canvassing by Susan Powell
  • [drawing of uplifted hands] by Renee Vander Stelt
  • [photo of young girl] by Corrina Bangma
  • China Dolls by Paul Van Beek
  • Her Yard by Don Huizinga
  • Cat Tail by Don Huizinga
  • A Day at Cal State Mental Hospital by William Meyerhoff
  • Highway 75, TH Cafe by Don Huizinga
  • [photo of road] by Heidi Nibbelink
  • The Price of Secrecy by Don Huizinga
  • Winter Paint by Don Huizinga
  • Oneliness by Don Huizinga
  • [drawing of girl] by Renee Vander Stelt
  • Smiles by Keith Fynaardt
  • Plagiarism by Keith Fynaardt
  • Division Avenue by Susan Powell
  • [drawing of a car] by Jeff Poortinga
  • [drawing of leaves] by Renee Vander Stelt
  • Sand Castles by Susan Powell
  • Reading by Keith Fynaardt
  • Alliteration by Keith Fynaardt
  • For Thou Art With Me by Ron DeBoer
  • [photo of tree] by Steve Lesondak
  • [drawing of older man] by Renee Vander Stelt
  • Dying by William Meyerhoff
  • Waves by William Meyerhoff
  • [drawing of Asian woman and child] by Renee Vander Stelt
  • Willed? by Ron DeBoer
  • Come Quickly, Lord... by Ron DeBoer
  • Toronto by Ron DeBoer
  • [drawing of a space shuttle] by Jeff Poortinga
  • The world is going crazy by William Meyerhoff
  • Nothing To Do by William Meyerhoff
  • The door by William Meyerhoff
  • [drawing of a kneeling person] by Renee Vander Stelt
  • How does one define by William Meyerhoff
  • Old Friends by Lori Kuipers
  • The Buffalo by Lori Kuipers
  • [photo of bridge] by Steve Lesondak
  • Grandpa's Pride by Nancy Verhoeven
  • [drawing of a rural scene] by Jeff Poortinga
  • [photo of duck and duckling] by Corrina Bangma
  • The Wisdom of the Wind by Brenda Boersma

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Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt College, The Canon, The Cannon, poetry, visual art, creative non-fiction, fiction, reviews


Lori Kuipers and Brian Keairns

The Canon, May 1986