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Dordt College



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Table of Contents

  • Cover Design by Sandy Bohlson
  • [photo of chair against wall] by Darlene Brouwer
  • Flower by Wayne Spronk
  • Dawn by Lori Kuipers
  • In the Van Pelt Reading Room by Randall VanderMey
  • Faces by Ellen Matheis
  • [pencil drawing of a man's face] by Jackie Huizenga
  • Worth by Lori Kuipers
  • Still Life by Joan Mensonides
  • Breather by Ellen Matheis
  • [photo of a chapel] by Steve Lesondak
  • Lord of the Day by Mike Dykstra
  • The Party (View From a Small Balcony) by Ellen Matheis
  • Sociable Ideas by Mark-Philip Venema
  • Hello, Cigarettes and Seventeen-Year-old Mothers by Mike Dykstra
  • [photo of bench and tree] by Brian Dykhuizen
  • Dusk by Lori Kuipers
  • [photo of grass and fence] by Becki Stair
  • Season for Prayer by Angela Struyk
  • [photo of cars and East Campus Apartments] by John Wesselius
  • [photo of North Hall in winter] by Steve Lesondak
  • Every First Apple by Laura Apol Obbink
  • [photo of chickens and barn] by Darlene Brouwer
  • Hartville, Ohio by Ron Nelson
  • This morning on the beach by Ron Nelson
  • Reins by Ron Nelson
  • So long ago Liz by Ron Nelson
  • Klick by Ron Nelson
  • No Comprende by Ron Nelson
  • A.M. FOUR A.M. by Ron Nelson
  • A Tail of Two Pets by Jim Broek
  • History by Ellen Matheis
  • [photo of bike and shadow] by John Wesselius
  • Rec'lections by Ellen Matheis
  • Test Drive by Ellen Matheis
  • toys but no tv by Mark-Philip Venema
  • Irish Horses by Lori Kuipers
  • Superman's Day by Paul Van Beek
  • [drawing of a man] by Mark-Philip Venema
  • The River by Mike Broersma
  • body by Mark-Philip Venema
  • [photo of frozen river] by Steve Lesondak
  • Words by Ellen Matheis
  • [photo of cow] by Becki Stair

Publication Date

Spring 1985


Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt College, The Canon, The Cannon, poetry, visual art, creative non-fiction, fiction, reviews


Mike Dykstra

The Canon, Spring 1985