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Table of Contents

  • Cover Design by Ben Meyer and Tim Antonides
  • Ascent by Tim Antonides
  • How I Became a Baseball Fanatic by Sara Vanden Bosch
  • Pictures by Christine van Belle
  • Untitled by Ben Meyer
  • [I sit and wonder] by Sam Gesch
  • Privacy by Chrissy Struyk
  • Two-Second Road Trip by Brenda J. Van Hal
  • Exit by Tim Antonides
  • Ignorance by Dirk Schouten
  • [pencil drawing] by Ben Meyer
  • Untitled by Beth Treick
  • Sacrifice by Vanessa Bartels and Bruce Medema
  • Age to Age by Bruce Medema
  • Ex Tenebrae, Lumen by Brian Huseland
  • To Carry by Brad Weidenaar
  • Blackened by Tim Antonides
  • [drawing of man's face] by Ben Meyer
  • Memories of a Century by Tiffany Hoskins
  • Upon Dropping a Quarter in Church by Tim Antonides
  • [drawing of coins] by Ben Meyer
  • An Evil, Good Thing by Dirk Schouten
  • [drawing of an arm] by Ben Meyer
  • Hostage by Irene Vanderkruk
  • Portrait Study by Bruce Medema
  • Hide in Your Shell by Irene Vanderkruk
  • Tulip I and II by Julie Van Leeuwen
  • To Rosalyn by Shelbi Anderson
  • Roast and Potatoes by Chrissy Struyk
  • Reflections of Me by Brad Weidenaar
  • Puella non Bella (the unbeautiful girl) by Sam Gesch and John Van Dyk
  • [photo of a person in a tree] by Christine van Belle
  • Gethsemane Love by Ethan Brue
  • Faith? by Brad Weidenaar
  • [photo of a cemetery] by Bruce Medema
  • Tasting Winter by Brad Weidenaar

Publication Date

Spring 1992


Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt College, The Canon, The Cannon, poetry, visual art, creative non-fiction, fiction, reviews


Dirk Schouten and Christine van Belle

The Canon, Spring 1992