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Table of Contents

  • Cover Design by Ben Meyer and Jacco de Vin
  • Regarding The Process Of Becoming a Man by Brian Huseland
  • Three Native Americans and A Man Who Looked Polish by Luke Schelhaas
  • Dekalb by Sonya Jongsma
  • Toilet Paper Dispensers: the good, the bad, the ugly by Sonja Brue
  • Time is a round fool by Brian Huseland
  • One A.M. Speedy Wash by Eric Epp
  • sad by Luke Schelhaas
  • In Memory of Winter by Heather Hamilton
  • The Craving by Hannah Rainbow
  • Springs and Twisted Stuff by Dirk Zwart
  • Stress by Ben Meyer
  • Paethon's Road by Brian Huseland
  • Chellie's Sister by Juanito Moore
  • Tropicanna by Juanito Moore
  • Ricky by Karen Martinus
  • Fragility by Juanito Moore
  • the mysteries of life and the questions within represented by a road sign leading to nowhere by Aaron Vander Hart
  • Pelican by Jeremy Thompson
  • Untitled by Ben Meyer
  • Susan by Melissa Howard
  • Space Trip by Aaron Vander Hart
  • Tim by Melissa Howard
  • Baby Face by Dawn Bakker
  • Paper by Juanito Moore
  • Restful Thought by Rachelle Martinus
  • Strength by Juanito Moore
  • Lisa by Karen Martinus
  • Lovers by Aaron Vander Hart
  • Goin' to the Chapel by Melissa Howard
  • Wisdom by Jeremy Thompson
  • Peppers by Monica Van Reenen
  • Thede by Dawn Bakker
  • Perception by Jeremy Thompson
  • Sun-catcher by Brian Huseland
  • Untitled by John Ploegstra
  • Signs by Jacco de Vin
  • Stillborn by George Vander Beek
  • On Fire for Jesus by Tim Sheridan
  • The Professor of Building 50 by Eric Epp
  • The Savior and the Saved by Luke Schelhaas
  • Soup is Good Food by Dirk Zwart
  • Titled by Luke Schelhaas
  • Beauty in the Eyes of Faith by Ron Rynders
  • Death by Unknown Author
  • Looking in the Mirror to See the Present by Mike Vanden Bosch
  • Fresh by Brian Huseland
  • A Psalm by Lee De Haan

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Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt College, The Canon, The Cannon, poetry, visual art, creative non-fiction, fiction, reviews


Sheila Rasmussen and Lynn Verhoef

The Canon, 1993-94