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Table of Contents

  • Cover Design by Christopher Tuininga
  • Sioux County Court House by Helena Geels
  • 7, a poem in two verses by Robb Vanderstoel
  • [black and white photo] by Brad De Haan
  • One of the Crowd by Andrew Wolgen
  • [pencil drawing] by Chris Tuininga
  • alternative confusion by Dirk Zwart
  • young love by Paula Treick
  • [photo of tree and water] by Marilyda Stel
  • what do I do for money? by Sarah Walsh
  • Seen But Not Heard by Jennifer Hillenga
  • Do not love... by Sarah Bliss
  • Inevitable by Sarah Walsh
  • The Dream by Janeen Wassink
  • Lifeless by Anita Christie
  • Escapist by Lee-Ann Grootenboer
  • Love (Broken Perspective) by Brian Cruson
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd by Kate L. Dekker
  • Conversations between Savior, Satan, and Sinner Soon Redeemed by Sean Covington
  • It Is Good by Monique Sliedrecht
  • MAKE the time. by Brian Vos
  • [photo of road] by Dirk Zwart
  • Schooled by Laryn Bakker
  • A Campus of Love? by Mike Vande Griend
  • With dreams, there are never surprises by Luke Schelhaas
  • [abstract drawing] by Jennifer Hillenga
  • Haven for Wildlife by Michael Iedema
  • Speaker's Corner, London by Heather Hamilton
  • Neah Bay by Sue Lea VanderMay
  • To Dance... by Kelly Kuipers
  • Your Best, or The Best? by Sonja Brue
  • Jeff Beck by Jeff Gesch
  • making soup by Dirk Zwart
  • Yucca Silhouette by Helena Geels
  • Unspoken by Heather Hamilton
  • Hay Bales and Acres of Sky by Luke Schelhaas
  • [photo of cows] by Charles Van Drunen
  • [drawing of eye and glasses] by Chris Tuininga
  • Inside the Head of a Flightless Bird by Heidi Vanden Hoek
  • Worn Wounds by Brenda Nyhof
  • [drawing of landscape] by Monique Sliedrecht
  • Images at Night by Sarah Bliss
  • [photo of cemetery] by Charles Van Drunen
  • shoes by Paula Treick
  • Take, drink by Laryn Bakker
  • Twenty-One by Lee-Ann Grootenboer
  • The Day When She Killed All the Flowers by Rod Hoekstra
  • Afternoon Musings on Emotional Choices by Kevin Maas
  • [drawing of fist] by Monique Sliedrecht
  • Americanos by Laryn Bakker
  • Frozen by Michael Iedema

Publication Date

Spring 1996


Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


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The Canon, Spring 1996