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Table of Contents

  • The Music Washes Over Me by Sarah Bliss
  • Psalm 42:8 by Lee-Ann Grootenboer
  • Sunrise by Sarah Bliss
  • Double Image by Helena Geels
  • Photographic Memories by Sarah Bliss
  • Flutterby by Stephanie Brown
  • his hands by Christine Phillips
  • Solitary Flight by Stephanie Brown
  • understanding by Stephanie Brown
  • hit list by Stephanie Brown
  • Falling Stars by Aren Roukema II
  • Self Portrait by Joanne Kim
  • Grief by Lee-Ann Grootenboer
  • A Thought About Jeff by Allison Kersbergen
  • The Wall by Allison Kersbergen
  • not completely impartial by Laryn Bakker
  • The Argument by Laryn Bakker
  • Seven Wonders by Daphne Lamb
  • All Creation Sings by Lee-Ann Grootenboer
  • From the Unfaithful Bride by Matthew McNatt
  • A Small Certificate by Matthew McNatt
  • devyan by Jessica Vanderwerff
  • Untitled by Lee-Ann Grootenboer
  • To the Chapel by Carmen Zonnefeld
  • Controlled by Jessica Vanderwerff
  • The Gift of Silence by Anna Young
  • Trumpet Fingers by Helena Geels
  • not like you by Sarah Walsh
  • The Storm by Robin Vis
  • Homeland by Jill Vossen
  • Achtung by Mark Brink
  • The Journey by Gena Koning
  • Moi by Kristin Vander Giessen
  • the extraction of your memories by Paula Treick
  • the paper shredder by Paula Treick
  • Outdoor Performance by Lee-Ann Grootenboer
  • Four Wheeler Friend by Renee Hoekstra
  • Reflecting on our place by Emily Hutten

Publication Date

Spring 1998


Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


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Matthew McNatt

The Canon, Spring 1998