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Table of Contents

  • BIG word by Grant Elgersma
  • Words of Comfort by Grant Elgersma
  • Person on Side in Psychedelic Shade by Jennifer Tinsley
  • Why I Still Go to Church by Grant Elgersma
  • Broken Legs by Nathan Te Winkel
  • Jill by Katie Zwart
  • Touch by Joanne Kim
  • Come Back to Me by Lynette Bakker
  • Alone in Silence by Lynette Bakker
  • Julia by Jennifer Tinsley
  • Homecoming by Benjamin Groenewold
  • Beside Quiet Waters by Benjamin Groenewold
  • Tomatoes by Elizabeth Boerema
  • The King's Wood by Benjamin Groenewold
  • Boy with Sheet on Beach by Jennifer Tinsley
  • Baptism by Benjamin Groenewold
  • My Gift by Sarah Eekhoff
  • In the Silence by Sharon Reitsma
  • Boy with Blanket in Field by Jennifer Tinsley
  • The Tea Cozy by Cara Miedema
  • On the Love of Voices, or Having Been Mesmerized on a Certain November Sunday by Matthew McNatt
  • Acrobat by Elizabeth Boerema
  • Brief Candle by Matthew McNatt
  • Stone by Matthew McNatt
  • My Poem's Failure by Matthew McNatt
  • Untitled #3 by Christina Talstra
  • On My First Time in Canada by Kirstin Vander Giessen
  • These Bleeding Hills by Kirstin Vander Giessen
  • Iron Shadow by Helena Geels
  • A Hole in the Desert by David Schaap
  • Untitled #3 by Christina Talstra
  • Watching the Shuttle When I was Young by Ryan Vande Kraats
  • Each One That Fell: A Note to Elisha by Ryan Vande Kraats
  • Three Killed in a Car Crash by Ryan Vande Kraats
  • Cactus #2 by Christina Talstra
  • Helping the Poor by Brian Wisselink
  • An Evaluation by Brian Wisselink
  • Untitled #1 by Christina Talstra
  • Commencement by Brian Wisselink

Publication Date

Spring 1999


Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


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Matthew McNatt

The Canon, Spring 1999