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Table of Contents

  • Cover Design by Andrew Moody
  • Facts About Poetry by Laura Huisken
  • Carol to the True West by Benjamin Groenewold
  • Child’s Speech to a Butterfly by Benjamin Groenewold
  • Spring by John De Jong
  • True Light by Benjamin Groenewold
  • Office Chair by John Den Boer
  • From Generation to Generation by Bridget De Yager
  • Inheritance by Laura Schippers
  • On not reaching the line I drew by Beth Vander Ziel
  • Silent Words by Beth Vander Ziel
  • the golden harp by Benjamin Groenewold
  • Closer to God by John De Jong
  • My First Cigar – Only Half-Finished by Sarah Den Boer
  • Crux by Benjamin Groenewold
  • Hands by Stephen Van Wyk
  • Snow Angels by Benjamin Groenewold
  • Cute by Sarah Den Boer
  • Powder Room Reflections by Helena Geels
  • Black Death by Bethany Meservey
  • Burying Patches – 1985 by Danielle Vriend
  • China-Doll’s Lament by Holly Meyer
  • I want the grass to breathe by David Schaap
  • FIONA by Stephen Van Wyk
  • The Refreshment Girl by David Schaap
  • The Journey by Paul Ten Haken
  • Postmodern Blues by Andrew Moody
  • Are We Neighbours or What?? by Rebecca J. Hathaway
  • You Meet All Kinds by John De Jong
  • Trapped by Lynette Bakker
  • On a Sunday Afternoon, Reflecting by Ryan Vande Kraats
  • Taking Walks by Sarah Eekhoff

Publication Date

Spring 2000


Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


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Lynette Bakker

The Canon, Spring 2000