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Table of Contents

  • Cover Design by John Hansen
  • Temptation of the sprinkler above my head by Lynette Bakker
  • Rain by Holly Meyer
  • The Closet Full of Treasures by Laura Huisken
  • Beyond by Jennifer Goslinga
  • First Kiss by Bethany Meservey
  • Looking Glass by Jillian Van Doesburg
  • Virtue by Bethany Meservey
  • Ecclesiastes Prophecy by Holly Meyer
  • The End of the Journey by Benjamin Groenewold
  • Waiting... by Jillian Van Doesburg
  • I Want Coffee by Jesse Le Sueur
  • Cream by John Hansen
  • Festival of Masques (Florence, Italy) by Laura Huisken
  • Elvensong from the Desert by Benjamin Groenewold
  • Normandy, France by Andrew Moody
  • Whispers of the Dead by Lynette Bakker
  • For the Disillusioned by Benjamin Groenewold
  • GOD by Bethany Meservey
  • The Era of Ella by John Hansen
  • Untitled by Sarah Eekhoff
  • Self-Infliction by Bethany Meservey
  • Absolved by Robb Keizer
  • God's Clown by Holly Meyer
  • Welcome to NW Iowa: Culture Shock 101 by Heidi Karges
  • Pines by Lynette Bakker
  • Pitchfork by Laura Apol
  • A Game by Matt Bakker
  • Crisp by John De Jong
  • Kings of the Jungle by Robb Keizer
  • The Student's Complaint by Lynette Bakker
  • Ice Queen by Sarah Eekhoff
  • Winter Morning by Mikala Poll
  • Morning Star by Bethany Meservey
  • Plastic Jesus by Robb Keizer
  • Jewish Memorial in Amsterdam by Andrew Moody
  • Faith by Bethany Meservey
  • Coming Home by Sarah Eekhoff
  • Winter Cornfield by Laura Apol
  • holocaust by Matt Bakker

Publication Date

Spring 2001


Dordt College


Sioux Center, Iowa


Dordt College, The Canon, The Cannon, poetry, visual art, creative non-fiction, fiction, reviews


Lynette Bakker

The Canon, Spring 2001