The English Department of Dordt College believes that "nothing matters but the kingdom of God, but because of the kingdom, everything, literally everything, matters." (Gordon Spykman, Dordt College commencement 1988, "Kingdoms in Conflict")

From that perspective, we teach students how to read poems, stories, plays, and essays. Such reading requires examining how an author uses language to create imagined worlds and to communicate meaning. It also requires that the reader examine how literature from a variety of time periods and cultures challenges or affirms our values and enriches our lives. We aim to foster life-long reading in all our students.

We also demand that students respond to specific selections they read as well as to the broader world in which they live. Thus we teach our students to write poems, stories, essays, and research papers, all of which may help them articulate their Christian understanding of literature and life.

Because we expect all of our graduates will write for publication, we aim to teach them to write clearly, concisely, and forcefully so that the ideas they express and the causes they represent will be advanced.


Submissions from 1977


Second Cutting, James C. Schaap

Submissions from 1976


Kroese Lectures on the Christian and Modern Film, Hugh Cook


Pocket of Civility: A History of Sioux Center, Mike Vanden Bosch


Reformation of Journalism: A Christian Approach to Mass Communication (Book Review), Mike Vanden Bosch


Twelve Baskets of Crumbs (Book Review), Merle Meeter

Submissions from 1975


Religion and Modern Literature: Essays in Theory and Criticism (Book Review), Hugh Cook

Submissions from 1974


Everybody Can Know (Book Review), Merle Meeter

Submissions from 1973


Stuff that Literature is Made Of, Larry Reynolds

Submissions from 1972


Insight, Authority, and Power: A Biblical Appraisal (Book Review), Merle Meeter